Sunday, 22 October 2017

Shoppingjinni Introduces Launchpad Page to Showcase Startup Products

Good news for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs as they can now showcase their inventions on our dedicated page and attract potential customers globally. 

ShoppingJinni, since its inception, has been displaying products with unique features for sale and also helping a bevy of consumers in discovering products with amazing and unusual features. We are consistently working to deliver new set of products in the market so that people who are happy to have them can easily get them on our site.

But the best thing is that we have not limited our service to sales. Having realized that the start-ups in India require immediate support we have decided to step in and create more opportunities to boost their pace of innovation. 

Shopping by launching the dedicated page is indicating that it is extending the requisite exposure to them and also deeply believes that such a step from our end would encourage the start-up community to come up with more innovative products or creations.   

We are constantly adding more unique products to our inventory but by acting as a launchpad we want to bring both the consumers and inventors closer. We are trying to provide the resources required that would help the start-ups to overcome the hurdles that they usually confront in bringing a new product to the global market successfully.

“The launchpad page is not restricted only to showcasing products but what we are thinking is to give the start-ups the competitive edge”, says CEO and founder Dinesh Kumar. We also further like to state that if required, the pre-commerce site is also willing to provide mentorship to the start-ups so that they would get a better insight on what drives the behaviour of the consumers.
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